Stephen Fose, Back Pain, Neck Pain
Stephen Fose, Back Pain, Neck Pain
Stephen Fose, Back Pain, Neck Pain

Our Team:


NY State License #: 038535
FL State License #: TPPT179

Best Physical Therapist in New York Stephen Fose
Best Physical Therapist in New York Stephen Fose
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CSCS 2021
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Ortho Excellence Upper Quarter 05.2021
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Telehealth Physical Therapy New York

Our Mission: 

 Retrieve Physical Therapy was created to disrupt the inefficient & costly rehabilitation industry. Some injuries & pain needs in-person treatment, and some injuries & pain do not. We help people, small businesses, and families who do not need in-person treatment by saving time, saving money, and by keeping them pain-free for good. 

If a physical therapist can remain pain-free & fix themselves when they get hurt, all while maintaining a productive and healthy family & work life, so can you.


Have you gotten multiple diagnoses from different healthcare professionals, x-rays & MRI's that don't explain your pain, unnecessary medications, and still feeling lost?

Have you done years of passive treatments (heat/ice, TENS/stim, trigger point release, cupping, massage gun, spinal adjustments) just to make you feel better temporarily without being taught how to get long term relief?

Have you been seeing a healthcare professional for weeks, or even months, and still not sure if your pain is going away yet?

You are not alone. We are here for you.


Let us show that you that grey hair doesn't hurt, and neither should you just because you're getting older.

Our Vision: 

Our vision is to have people independently treat their own injuries through response-based assessment and education about their condition. Most pain can be resolved quickly with a proper diagnosis, complete spinal screen, proper response-based assessment to related joints/muscles, temporary activity modification & education, strength training, and learning how to detect the warning signs of your condition before the pain starts.


We see a world in which people have been given the correct movements and knowledge to fix themselves, for free. 

re·trieve: to get or bring (something) back; regain possession of.

Retrieve Physical Therapy is a direct pay clinic as we are out-of-network with insurance companies. This allows us to perform premium services without restrictions from the insurance company, as well as clear and transparent pricing for services. All payments are made securely online.


We offer flexibility as you can pay with cash/check, HSA/FSA cards, credit/debit cards.