At Retrieve Physical Therapy, I want to end overmedicalization.

My mission is to help people get better, faster, with actual long term-relief. If a physical therapist can remain pain-free & fix themselves when they do get hurt, all while maintaining a productive and healthy family & work life, so can you.

No More

  • Unnecessary doctors visit
  • Long term passive treatment
  • Unexpected costly bills
  • Waiting weeks for appointments
  • Unwanted medications/injections
  • Preventable Surgeries




I envision a community of healthy individuals and businesses that have all become their own musculoskeletal health experts. They understand their bodies, can fix their own age-related and work-related aches and pains, and live the life they want. Just like learning to do basic vehicle repair work yourself to save money, I believe everybody deserve the baseline skills of being their own physical therapist. Living a pain-free life as a physical therapist is pretty great, and I want to be able to share that with every person and every employee that comes into contact with me.

We can be reached by phone at 585-300-4940 or book a free discovery call.

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