Corporate Wellness

Physical Therapy & Employee Wellness - Rochester, NY

This private pay program is designed for Rochester New York businesses (small to medium sized businesses) looking to reduce employee injuries, workers comp costs, rising healthcare costs, and decreased productivity from employees. We'll help your employees to take ownership of their own conditions. We teach your employees how to fix musculoskeletal issues all while continuing to work and remain healthy (Just like physical therapists do). 


If a physical therapist can fix themselves when their neck or back "goes out" without taking time off of work, all while maintaining productivity, so can your employees.


This program offers great flexibility including on-site & virtual options, individual & group options, as well as physical therapy, wellness, and ergonomic options. 


These programs are individually structured based on services and number of employees. These programs can as frequent as 2-3x/week, or as infrequent as 2x/year for annual services.

Please email us at or CLICK HERE to book a free consult if you are an employee and would like to learn more about corporate physical therapy, corporate wellness, or other services.