Employee Wellness & Corporate Wellness

On-Site Physical Therapy & Wellness - Rochester, NY

This private pay program is designed for Rochester New York businesses looking to reduce workers comp costs, rising healthcare costs, and to decrease employee time away from work and employee turnover. We'll help your employees take ownership of their own condition, and teach them how to easily fix their problem themselves, instead of relying on redundant & unnecessary care year after year. Think of us as a mechanic for your employees, but instead of just fixing the same thing year after year, we fix the problem together once or twice, and then teach them how to fix it themselves. If a physical therapist can fix themselves without taking time off of work, maintain productivity while in pain, and learn how to fix and maintain chronic and degenerative conditions, so can your employees.


This program offers great flexibility including on-site and telehealth physical therapy, workplace safety education, ergonomic evaluations. These programs are individually structured based on need and number of employees. These programs can as frequent as 2-3x/week, or as infrequent as 4x/year for quarterly services.

Please reach out with any questions you may have to see if this is a program that might be beneficial for your business. Please call the number below. 

(585) 300-4940