Join us the first month of each fiscal quarter at 7:45pm at Brindle Haus Brewery in our private space. 

All entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate managers, and business leaders are invited to grow your network with like-minded leaders, push yourself and your business forward, and to use our skills to to improve your company's bottom line.

We specialize in workplace and corporate wellness to improve employee, productivity, improve workplace satisfaction, decreased miss time due to injury, decrease employee turnover. We also are a small business that have been helped by many others, and we'd like to dedicate time and space to return the favors for those that want it. 

Come have a beer, network with other leaders, and let us help you, your staff, and your employees.


Level Up Your Business 

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We can be reached by phone at 585-300-4940 or book a free discovery call.

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