In-Home Senior Services

Wellness Care Program - Rochester, NY

This private pay program is designed for retiree's, loved ones, seniors, or couples who want to stay in their homes as long as possible or to "age in place", avoid and mitigate risk of falls and balance training, strength training to prepare for vacation/traveling, home safety assessments, healthy joints screening, weekly long walks, muscle pain prevention, improve independence and endurance. The big picture of all of these services are to keep retiree's and seniors in their home as long as possible, and out of entering Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Nursing Homes which have enormous costs.


This program offers great flexibility, in-person or via telehealth from your own device, and can be individually structured based on need. These programs have been as infrequent as 4x/year (postural screens, mobility screens, joint healthy screening, balance testing, etc), and have been as frequent as 2x/week (strengthening programs to prepare for vacation, trips, private pay home-health continuance, etc)

Please reach out with any questions you may have to see if this is a program that might be beneficial for you, a partner, or a loved one. With the flexibility of services we can provide, we'll create an individual plan that serves you best, we'll give you a quote, or get you to someone else that may be a better fit if it's not us. Our prices are based on what type of wellness care services are needed and how often. Please call 

(585) 300-4940