re·trieve: to get or bring (something) back; regain possession of.
It's Your Health, Get Back What's Yours

Our membership is for our lifelong patients and businesses in Rochester NY, is a flat & fixed payment plan for high-quality all access services. Being different from traditional models, we are able to put together the most easy and complete care for long-term pain reduction and condition management.

  • Quick, fixed-price, & affordable high-quality care

  • Unlimited office and telehealth physical therapy without barriers, and cancel your subscription at anytime

  • Direct Access to your physical therapist via text & phone calls, even when on the road, traveling, after office hours & weekend

  • $25/month discount for each family member in the same household or each person in a business

  • Peace of mind for future injuries (New injuries wont cost hundreds or thousands in surprise rehab expenses)

  • 2 Complementary Wellness Visits (Fall/Spring or Winter/Summer typically)

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Is the Retrieve PT Membership right for me?

Our program is built for many different people and businesses in many different situations.

  1. Do you have arthritis or degerative joints and have 3-4 flare ups per year?

  2. Are you 30-40 years old and beginning to deal with episodes of pain affecting your work, hobbies, or family?

  3. Are you the owner of a business paying way too much for employee healthcare, workmans comp, and repeated injury cost?

  4. Do you have a high-deductible plan and spending thousands every year for the same musculoskeletal problems?

  5. Have you been diagnosed with a new condition, and told pain or surgery is inevitable, and you're committed to preventing surgery?

  6. Have you been going to PT/chiropractic/massage for years just to have symptoms managed without your getting any long-term relief?

  7. Are you a snowbird spending time in NY and FL and unable to see someone for your pain due to frequent traveling. 

  8. Are you planning on getting a surgery total hip or knee replacement this year and want a cheaper, fixed, and more comprehensive option?

  9. Do you want to save tens of thousands of future musculoskeletal healthcare costs, and learn to be your own physical therapist?

  10. Has your elective surgery been canceled or delayed due to COVID and stuck in pain just waiting?

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Still not sure if the membership is right for you?

  1. Schedule a FREE CONSULT

  2. Call (585) 300-4940 to schedule a meet and greet with Stephen Fose, PT, DPT, CSCS in our office

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