Our physical therapy services are designed to help you resolve pain, resolve dysfunction, and to help you recover from post-operative surgery. If you're not in pain and looking to move better, become more resilient to injuries, protect yourself against arthritis, or to improve work posture or productivity, please book a wellness service.

At Retrieve Physical Therapy, we want to end overmedicalization. No More​:

  • Multiple patients at one time
  • Unnecessary doctors visit
  • Unnecessary copays/deductibles
  • Long term passive treatment
  • Long term hands-on only treatment
  • Unknown insurance costs
  • Fighting insurance "medical necessity" 
  • Waiting weeks for appointments
  • Unwanted medications/injections
  • Unnecessary X-rays/MRI's
  • Driving to and from appointments
  • Missing work, family, or travel plans
  • Professional-created dependency

Need Physical Therapy?

Book Your 1st Appointment
Choose an appointment type:

  • Office 1st Visit
  • Telehealth 1st Visit
  • Free Consult (if you'd like to speak with someone or if you're not sure what you need)

Selecting your appointment and paying triggers our paperwork to be sent securely to your email through our portal, and it, informs your physical therapist of your appointment. This paperwork includes:

  • Patient Intake Form 
  • Consent Forms

​Finishing this before your appointment is required and allows us to spend an extra 15-20 minutes with you for your treatment.

Attend your 1st Appointment
Please arrive in-person or virtually 5-10 minutes early, your paperwork will have been reviewed by your therapist prior to you arriving. Your evaluation and treatment will consist of:

  • Thorough history and review of your life, work, hobbies, & goals, history of previous injuries/surgeries and current injury and pain
  • Evaluation consisting of response-based assessment, orthopedic & neurological testing, specifical tests, mobility & strength testing
  • Underlying diagnosis, home program with text and email references.
  • Review of patient portal for communicate with your therapist

Get Back What's Yours
Your treatment is underway with a specific home program custom fit for your condition, life, job, and hobbies. You will begin learning unique skills on day 1 on how to handle your condition yourself like a physical therapist. You will learn:

  • Why your injury or "flare-up" happened
  • What activities are contributing to helping or slowing your recovery
  • When to do specific exercises
  • How to reduce your pain yourself
  • How to do your own mobilizations
  • How to reduce "flare-ups" by using  mechanical baselines
  • How to prevent symptoms long-term
  • When to seek help if pain changes


We can be reached by phone at 585-300-4940 or via email through our website’s secure contact page.

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