re·trieve: to get or bring (something) back; regain possession of.
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I have seen Dr Steve for 3 separate issues. One for knee, back, and most recently- my neck. Steve dives deep to truly figure out the problem. What I thought was shoulder pain, was actually my neck. It blew my mind. I was considering surgery because of the pain and lack of information I was getting. Using Dr steve for telemed was so simple but affective! I came in with acute pain in my shoulder. I couldn’t sleep through the night, and was taking off of work. After the first video call i left with real true relief. I have been to all sorts of chiropractors and specialists but none had the enthusiasm and personal approach as Dr Steve. I can’t recommend him enough.



Wow! What an experience! I was new to "telemedicine" and wasn't quite sure what to expect; but with today's busy lifestyles & schedules, I quickly found it to be the perfect, amazingly convenient way to go. I was suffering from hip pain, which was preventing me from running and working out the way I wanted to. Scheduling an appointment with Stephen was the BEST thing I ever did! AND, I didn't even have to leave my house! He won me over with his professional and kind demeanor. He took his time with me and quickly diagnosed my issue. After giving me some "homework" to do, I am happy and relieved to report that my hip pain is gone! What I also loved was the follow up that Dr. Fose did; checking in on me to see how I was progressing and to see if I had any questions or issues. Life is short and we don't have time to live it in pain and discomfort. I can't say enough about my experience with Retrieve Physical Therapy and Dr. Fose. I'm back to living life on my terms (pain-free) and I still can't get over the convenience of it all! Telemedicine is definitely the way to go! Thanks so much, Stephen!



Stephen is amazing! I hurt my low back a few weeks ago and couldn’t find a PT in my city (Syracuse) that was open or offered a telehealth option. A mutual friend who is also a PT suggested reaching out to Stephen because of his telehealth option. It was an amazing experience to be able to see a PT virtually! It was like I was in the office, he took my history, did base line movements, and prescribed exercises. After each appointment I got a link with my prescribed movements along with pictures on how to do them and more recommendations. My issue has completely resolved and I feel fantastic. Stephen is passionate, knowledgeable, and great at explaining things. You can tell his main focus is ensuring his patients get better and hopefully won’t come back to him for the same issue. I can not recommend enough!! Even though I’m in Syracuse, I will always use Stephen as my PT. If you’re hurting now and can’t get to a PT, call Stephen to set up your virtual appointment today!!



Stephen provided exceptional services on telehealth! It's easy to be skeptical when you've always had in person services, but it was worth a try since in person PT/chiro had still left me with chronic low back pain. With Stephen's help after a recent injury, I immediately noticed a decrease in pain, and within 3-4 weeks I was nearly back to 100%- including a very physical job, and chasing after my toddler. More importantly, Stephen understood how crucial it was to break my cycle of chronic pain, and gave me easy strategies to self-treat before pain interferes with my life. Stephen's PT services were invaluable to me!!



Working with Steve on teletherapy was wonderful! I was skeptical about not going in person, but he was able to help my upper back and neck pain tremendously within a few weeks. I highly recommend his PT practice.



I saw Dr Fose for my back pain and couldn’t be happier with the results and my choice of doctor. My back pain was limiting my daily workload and I had constant pain and discomfort. After the first telemed appointment my mind was put at ease as I was left with a slew of information about my injury and how to fix it. I could tell Dr Fose really cared about his career and helping people. At the time of next telemed appointment, just one week later my back pain had almost completely subsided. We went over everything - my results, what worked best, what the next steps were and preventative steps to use in the future. I continue to use the tools and information Dr Fose has given me and I’m still back pain free. I chose Dr Fose, and will continue to do so because of his knowledge, attention to detail and bedside manner. Thanks Dr Fose!



Steve is by far one of the most professional Physical Therapists in the Rochester area. His knowledge of various orthopedic injuries and conditions makes him the ideal Physical Therapist to suit your needs. The care and attention he provides to his patients makes your time during therapy enjoyable, while working towards your goals and recovering from an injury.



I have come to Steve with multiple issues and you couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable, down to earth and professional person. He couldn't be easier to communicate and work with. I have recommended him to many friends and family. 



I had been having severe shoulder issues for quite a while and decided I needed to go to PT because I finally feared the worst. I worked with Stephen Fose multiple times in a few weeks and my problem was solved. I thought I was going to need surgery because I was in so much pain. Within a few weeks, I was back to my old self and back in the gym with ZERO issues. Stephen got to the root of my problem immediately and provided me with stretches and tests to tell if I was improving. I would give him a 10/10 if I could. Highly recommended.



I play softball and felt my throwing shoulder getting worse each year. I figured it was old age setting in or a torn Rotator cuff. I had to toss the ball underhand during recent games as I could not throw overhand without severe pain. I worked with Steve Fose for my shoulder. Within the first session my throwing shoulder was feeling better. By the 2nd session I gained at least 5 years back as I was throwing pain free. Steve does a thorough evaluation checking a full range of motion to see where the issues are. He is an active and engaging listener who is genuinely interested in your concerns. He diagnosed neck and spine issues contributing to the shoulder pain. He measured my range of motion to get a sense of progress being made after each session. He gave exercises to work on each day and recommendations to maintain the progress I made. Aside from solving my physical issue Steve gave me the mental confidence to conquer the age demons.



After a few sessions with Stephen Fose, I not only feel much better, I am better informed! Stephen takes the time to discuss what you are experiencing, ask questions, evaluate, and develop an action plan. He is thorough and precise. Rather than just try to "fix" the problem, he explained what he saw was happening and why the exercises I needed to do were going to help. Once things make sense, you can have better control over your own well-being, and not let the pain control what you do.



Dr Fose helped me with an ongoing issue with my elbow that wouldn’t go away. The entire process was smooth and easy from booking the appointments to doing therapy with him through video. Not only did he help me fix the issue but he explained what factors could cause it. In the future if I had any other issues I would absolutely seek out Dr Fose to help again.