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Retrieve Physical Therapy | Telehealth | NY | FL

We provide premium telehealth orthopedic physical therapy to all New York State residents. From NYC to Buffalo, doctors of physical therapy are just a few clicks away. Whether you have a pinched nerve & muscle spasms, years of dealing with arthritis & flare ups, or rotator cuff & meniscus tears, we are here for you.

**Services now available to Florida Residents**


Invest in a long term solution for your pain that works around your schedule and your life.

 We can't wait to help you. 


It's your health, get back what's yours.

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Unlike brick-and-mortar physical therapy, we treat you from home.

By utilizing telehealth, we can break all barriers to receive secure and high quality one-on-one doctorate level physical therapy. Whether you're at home, on the road, or on vacation, we're always with you. We utilize easy to use HIPAA compliant video-conferencing platforms to treat all  patients, even if you are less


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At Retrieve Physical Therapy, we want to end overmedicalization.

No More​

- Multiple doctors visits

- Multiple copays/deductibles

- Multiple diagnosis

- Waiting weeks for appointments

- Unwanted medications/injections

- Unnecessary X-rays/MRI's

- Driving to and from appointments

- Stoppage of care due to travel/vacation 

Physical Therapy for arthritis pain

Nearly 50% of people in our current healthcare system seek care for the same condition and with similar pain within 1 year of finishing treatment. We want this to end.

As we eliminate the source of your pain, we answer all of your questions and educate you. We'll teach you how to prevent "flare ups" before they happen again. Break free from increasing your health care coverage or relying on physical therapy, chiropractic, or massage year after year.

What Should You Expect? 

Your first appointment will consist of your evaluation, as well as your first treatment all from your phone/laptop. We will email/text the link to your appointment 10 minutes before.

You will be asked questions about your life, work, hobbies, previous injuries, and all aspects of your pain and injury. We will do appropriate diagnostic tests to help diagnose the pain, assess flexibility and strength, and your first treatment will then begin. Expect to learn what is causing your pain and why, how things like this happen, why things "flare up", why some days are fine and some days are horrible, and ways to understand what activities in your life are making your condition worse/better.


You will be given a personalized plan to easily implement into your life at home, at work, and when on the go. 

Telehealth physical therapy is not for all. If we find during your history and evaluation that you're more suitable for traditional "in-house" physical therapy, we will help find you the best therapist near you and fully refund you. 

Honesty always wins. 

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Not sure if Retrieve Physical Therapy is the right choice for you? Not sure how telehealth physical therapy can help?

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